[Most published] Shopping in Japan, tax-free + discount coupon explanation 2024

In 2024, the number of discount coupons has increased significantly.

Everyone, the purpose of traveling to Japan is sightseeing and experiences that can only be had here.

But you also want to shop, right?
If you're going shopping, you want to get a good deal!
There are ways to buy something even slightly better at a cheaper price.
I will explain it in detail here.

Contents as of January 2024. There are conditions for use, so please check the respective links for details. The service may also be suspended.

How to purchase tax-free in Japan

To fully enjoy shopping in Japan, Japan's tax exemption program.
When you purchase merchandise, you can purchase at duty-free price.
The rules for tax-free purchases in Japan are as follows.

1. The tax refund procedure must be carried out while at an airport or Tax free shop. To carry out the procedure, you must show your actual passport. Tourists traveling by cruise ship need to show their cruise ship tourist permit.
 *For those on the Trusted Traveler Program (TTP), be sure to bring your passport along with your Registered User Card.
2. Purchases that total 5,000 yen or more qualify for a tax refund. The terms and conditions of tax refunds depend on the type of product.
3. The program only applies to foreign visitors in Japan temporarily. This program is applicable to foreign visitors staying in Japan for less than six months only.
⇒Please check the Japan Tourism Agency website for details.

The actual purchasing process is like this.

①Go to a duty-free shop or a store that accepts tax-free orders.
②Select the product you want.
③Take the product and go to the cash register.
④When it is your turn, hand over the item and tell them that you would like to purchase it tax-free.
⑤You will be asked to present your passport, so please produce it.
⑥Payment will be made as soon as the store completes the procedures.
⑦Receive the product. Most products cannot be opened or used until you leave Japan.
 Some products, such as smartphones, can be used immediately after purchase.
※Some details may differ depending on the store, such as department stores.

If you have Japanese nationality, please click here.

What is a tax-free coupon?

A tax-free coupon is a ticket that not only exempts tax-free customers from paying consumption tax when they purchase a product, but also allows them to purchase the product at a lower price based on the coupon's discount rate.
Available stores and products are limited.
So you are very lucky to know this.

Home electronics retailer. 3 companies

Japanese electronics stores are very popular.
It's probably the best brick-and-mortar store in the world, with a large store and a wide variety of products.
You can buy them cheaply at such stores.
These stores are located outside of the city center. very convenient.
Unfortunately, Yodobashi Camera does not have coupons. However, you can receive tax exemption.

Drug store. 4 companies

Japanese pharmacies are also very popular.
In addition to medicine, we also sell daily necessities, cosmetics, and food.
There are many types of medicines, and people from overseas buy them in large quantities. This may be because Japanese medicine is highly effective.

General store. 3 companies

Also available at general stores.
You can also buy glasses and sporting goods at low prices.
Don Quijote, do you know?
Not Spanish epic novel by Miguel de Cervantes.
This store displays a wide range of products in a small area and is open until late at night. Speaking of Don Quijote in Japan, this is it.
You can also buy it at a discount at that store.

Department store. Over 4 companies

Japan has department stores all over the country.
Department stores, especially in urban areas, are very large and carry many brand-name products.
There are no fakes either. You can purchase with confidence.

Some stores have different procedures.
Therefore, please read the contents from the link below before using it.
Also, some brands are not eligible for coupon discounts. You can receive tax exemption.

A tax-free coupon at a certain department store. Must be obtained when visiting the store and prior to purchasing the product.
Must be presented at the time of product purchase. Apply for tax exemption elsewhere.

Conclusion of the blog

Frankly speaking, it's a loss if you don't know.
Use it as much as you can and eat delicious food with the money you save.
Travel to various places in Japan and experience the seasons and scenery that you can enjoy at that time.
I want foreigners to travel to Japan many times and fall in love with Japan.